• Community outreach

    Bringing hope to grassroots communities
    by relieving economic burdens

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#1. Girl Child Education Support

Kiryandongo refugees’ settlement, Uganda

Project Start/End dates: 14/05/2015  TO 19/05/2015

#2. Enhanced adoption of effective Commercial Radio Programmes for peace building

 Central Equatoria State, South Sudan
Project start/end dates: 1ST JUNE 2016 – 30TH FEBRUARY 2017 (8 MONTHS)

#3. Driving Development through Educating the community on the Role of South Sudanese youth in Liberation struggles and peace building in South Sudan

Fangak and Ayod counties, Jonglei State – South Sudan
Project Start/End Dates: 6 months( March 1st – 30TH August 2016)

#4. Diversity and Inclusion awareness Campaign for Reconciled South Sudan”

 Bidi Bidi Refugees’ Settlement, Uganda
Project start/end dates: 25 February 2017 to 26 February 2017