Meeting Ger Duany, UNHCR Regional Goodwill Ambassador for the East and Horn of Africa

Upon my arrival at my final destination, New Delhi, my big brother who at the same time is one of my mentors that inspired me so much through examples of life experiences Ger Duany, a UNHCR Regional Good Will Ambassador for Eastern and Horn of Africa, had handed to me a well selected text book as a surprise gift. ~ writes Gatwal A. Gatkuoth YEI Executive Director

We touched basis on a lot of things we both cherished, especially the common and share values in corridors of serving humanity through amplifying the voices of the voiceless (refugees). Ger, at his individual capacity and as Actor, Model and UNHCR Good will Ambassador is strongly compassionate about promoting oneness and embracing diversity for a better world in which humanity is respected and celebrated.

We can’t help to talk about the “Good Lie” one of his Hollywood Movies that Emmanuel Jal and others South Sudanese Lost Boys featured (starred). This conversation with Ger highlighted key interventions both his office and YEI should jointly start to work on.

In his role as a Goodwill Ambassador, Ger has elected to focus on youth and education, saying “given a chance, refugee kids excel. They are not powerless, they don’t need pity. They can be citizens of any country, respectfully and constructively contributing to humanity’s goals.”

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  1. karlo Kolong Okoy
    karlo Kolong Okoy says:

    I am Rev Karlo Kolong Okoy who was in Ehiopia for Ten years 1970-1980 married to An Anyuak, I am from Tenet community based in Torit
    I finished my theology in Kenya and lived in Kenya for 17 years ( 1987-2004) then I went to Colorado USA for five years 2004-2009 before coming back to South Sudan to write the book that God gave me as a vision that led to Sudanese peace of 2005
    my fourth edition of this book was published in Blooming to Indiana November 2014. I am now in Kakuma waiting for another visa to Colorado so I want you to connect me with somebody in Blooming ton Indiana that can welcome me when I go fro my royalties. you can also advertise this book to Sudanese people so that they may understand Isaiah 18 which say “God will punish the Sudan” 2600 years ago written by Prophet Isaiah this book is about Isaiah 18

    thanks Rev Karlo Kolong Okoy
    founder of Evangelical Free churches of Sudanese nations
    author of “We are not an island in the Sudan”
    architect of Sudanese peace of 2005


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