Kiryandongo refugees’ settlement, Uganda

Project Start/End dates: 14/05/2015  TO 19/05/2015

Girl Child Education Support

Problem Statement: South Sudan being the world’s youngest Nation is facing a number of challenges. High rate of illiteracy especially among the girl child is one of the major problems. According to Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) statistics, education in South Sudan is 10.9%;this is way far below the Africa average (47.4%) as the country takes the 53rd position out of the 54 African countries. Increased Girl child education in South Sudan is hindered by numerous issues. Apart from ongoing civil war, which affected the country for the past 3 years, social and cultural aspects of life pose a huge hindrance as well.

Young-adult Empowerment Initiative would like to use this project to bridge gaps and educate both the communities and girl child on the importance of girls not only attending school but also successfully completing their courses by creating awareness campaign programs. Barriers such as early forced marriage, unwanted pregnancy, child labor so on that lead to high rate of school dropout must be addressed and drastically reduced in order to have many school going young girls in South Sudan.

Girl Child education must be given special considerations when it comes to human capital development which takes the forms of academy, capacity building through vocational and technical training in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals especially #4 Quality Education. Through sustainable partnership with cross sectors’ stakeholders such as community leaders, Religious leaders Educational agencies and other National NGOs a successful awareness campaign programs and sensitization can be raised to get many girls to school.